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Adopt a Puppy

Basic Info

Labs for a Better Life is located in Rockford Michigan. All puppies must be picked up from my home unless we have made arrangements for shipping, delivery or a meeting place ahead of time.  The additional  shipping, transport, or meeting offsite is offered at an additional fee.  

All puppies sold are PET puppies intended for companion homes. They will  be provided AKC papers, limited (no breeding rights).

I raise Labrador retrievers in a range of colors from black, charcoal, chocolate, silver, yellow, white, champagne. We also, on occasion offer Champion lineage puppies.  Most of my pups grow to be 60-120lbs. Size can never be guaranteed, only estimated.


Adoption fees range from $1600-$3000. The deposit to reserve your pick of the litter is $400.  Paypal is accepted for deposits. Balance is due in cash in person on pick up day. As a fraud prevention policy, cash is the only payment method for your balance. 

 All payments are non-refundable, however deposits can be transferred for up to one year. 

What’s Included

The raising of your puppy from conception to 6-8 weeks of age. That begins with genetic & physical screening for both parents, followed by the careful care of mum, prenatal vitamins, ultrasounds, vet visits, top quality food, deworming, a safe assisted labor & delivery, bottle or tube feeding if needed, bathing & grooming, weekly puppy photo shoots, vaccinations, socialization, and endless love.  

You will also receive a puppy kit which includes a toy gently used by the litter to collect scent for comfort, a collar with matching leash,  a 1 gallon bag of food, a folder with shot records, a copy of your completed health guarantee, AKC papers, along with certificate of pedigree. 

Waiting List

Puppies are typically made available via email birth announcement within days of their birth. The list is kept in numerical order so all deposit holders will be contacted. Everyone on the list will receive an email/ text announcement each time a litter is born. Puppies are then sold in order of deposit. They are usually reserved in just days. It’s very fast!

Those that do not respond, or do not receive a puppy will remain on the list for next time. I do ask that you refrain from depositing for a puppy without prior approval from your spouse or landlord, because backing out 24-48 hours later wastes my time and the puppy's opportunities to be adopted by others on the wait list. 


I do not allow visits with puppies or parents until 4 weeks of age. This policy is to prevent the spread of disease, particularly Parvovirus, which can not only kill that whole litter within mere days, it is notoriously difficult to eradicate from the property and can affect future litters as well. Their safety is of the utmost importance to me. The first day they can meet you is at roughly 4 weeks of age when we do visits to make puppy picks. Each deposit holder will choose their new puppy in order of deposit.  So, 1st pick, then 2nd pick, then 3rd pick and so on. If you are not able to make the trip to visit and pick we can always do a phone visit or you can choose from photos posted to website.  

It is strongly recommended that you avoid pet stores, and dog parks with your new puppy until the full course of booster shots are completed by your veterinarian. You should also not allow your puppy to walk through the vet’s lobby, they sterilize exam tables after every pet but they do not always mind the floor.

Puppies are ready to go at 6-8 weeks old and must be picked up no later than 8 weeks of age. If for any reason you can not pick up your puppy at 8 weeks of age and need to board your puppy with us for an additional day or two we charge a boarding fee of $35 per day.


My puppies are handled daily from birth. They are born right in the center of my home where I can keep a very close eye on them day and night. When they’re a little older they graduate to the garage nursery where we can spread the puppy pen out much wider. Through that room the older dogs come and go as they please to their fenced in play yard. So my puppies are raised in an active family environment. They get exposed to all sorts of household sounds and action, they play with my kids, and meet the other Labradors.  

Labradors, like most breeds, are incredibly social. If you do not own other dogs you may find your pup requires a great deal of attention during the initial adjustment period to make up for the lack of canine "pack mates" they are accustomed. Some crying, mostly at night, is to be expected. Leaving the pack can be really hard for a baby. 

PLEASE do not adopt a puppy if you cannot cope with, or your living arrangements will not tolerate, a few nights of puppy crying. Consider adopting companion puppies (litter mates) in an effort to provide added comfort and socialization for your new fur baby.

Additional Info

We feed 4Health grain free to all our dogs and puppies.  It can be found at Tractor Supply stores and on Amazon.

 Potty training for this breed can take several days/weeks. I recommend taking a puppy outside every hour and 15 minutes during the day to get them very used to where to go potty. Keeping tiny chewy treats on hand outside at every opportunity as well as crate training for best results. 

Simply click on the puppy photo below to add to your cart and leave a deposit!

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