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Hi Stacey.  What a great little silver Lab “Thunder" is.  Hope to send some future pics.   

Just wanted to complement you on what a tidy, neat and clean operation that you have.  Usually a garage is just a garage.  But yours parks the van but also is the cleanest kennel I have ever seen.  When we visited in February our intention was to just come and take a look.  Once we saw all of the love and care that you put into your breeding pups,  we were sold on having one of them.  You would be our first recommendation to anyone asking us for the name of a Labrador breeder.  Keep up the good work.

We’ll keep in touch from time to time.   Thanks,

Marc Morhous

We have decided to call her Annabelle. She and Phoebe get along very well and everyone loves having 2 dogs. Thank you for another beautiful dog :)- Tamsen B. 5-21-18

We brought our black lab, Cecelia, home four years ago (2014) on Mother’s Day.  Her parents are Wilma and Paxton.  She was a little black bundle of fur and spunk.  She is now a very large, seventy pound bundle of fur and spunk.  Cecelia has personality plus.  She’s  also a very healthy, loving, well-mannered girl.  And she LOVES the water.  Lake Michigan is a huge magnet for her.  If she knows we’re headed that way, she begins to whine and wiggle as she knows what awaits her - swimming, splashing, fetching, and biting at the waves, and maybe playing with other dogs depending on the beach we’re headed towards.  She is in her natural element when she’s in the water. 

We feel like Cecelia has good, healthy breeding as she has never had any health problems. And she is one of the most loveable and unusual dogs we’ve ever had.  She “talks” to us at times - with her noises and such.  She also howls in her sleep periodically.  That was a new one for us and we’ve had dogs for over 40 years!  

I would not hesitate to adopt a dog from Labs for a Better Life.  Stacy and Jeff Boening obviously love their dogs and know what they are doing by breeding healthy, well-adjusted dogs.  A bonus is that Celia came to us after having been loved and handled by children and she is GREAT with our grandchildren. She was well-adjusted to other dogs, adults and children when we got her and has continued to be so as she gets older.  I hope if we need to adopt another dog someday, that Jeff and Stacey are still breeders of beautiful Labrador Retrievers like our Cecelia girl.   

Barb Beechum

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